Saturday, 27 December 2008

Nablus Solidarity demonstration for Gaza

Girls and women thinking of suffering in Gaza.
Youth make banners in English to share their peace message with the world.

A very young peace activist.
Woman with toy pistol, trying to look scary.

Today the Israelis have begun shelling Gaza once more, the death count as I type is over 150 people on the 27th December. We can only expect more deaths as Israel look set to continue on this illegal collective punishment of the people of Gaza.
Around 500 people in Nablus held an impromptu demonstration following today's' massacre. The demonstration marched around the centre of town and through the narrow alley ways of the old city with people calling for an end to internal divisions, saying that the Israeli military wants all Palestinian's dead regardless of their political affiliation.

Monday, 1 December 2008

The inevitable tear gas : (

Sick games boys with stones ducking bullets, more of the same!

Weekly demonstration called in Nilin village against illegal Israeli settlement being built on Nilin land.
Arrived late for demonstration, internationals gone , found a bunch of boys, catapulting stones in the general direction of tear gas clouds.
Whole area ended up being drenched in tear gas, regardless of involvement.

One last shot of Fox

I guess this blog has got a little Fox orientated, so one last shot.

Fox in silver screen :)

The amazing adventures of Fox!

OK so now everyone tells me not pick up street dogs and adopt them! It's too late the deed is done.

"Eeek diseases, eek! Rabies! " etc etc.

I find an emaciated puppy with a fractured rear tibia, take him home, feed him tuna, and fall in love .

In a good will gesture am driven to Jerusalem by a burly British security specialist, who drives like the very devil.

Am refused rabies vax booster by Doctor in Israeli ministry of health, on account that I have adopted dog (now called Fox) and would just be re-exposed if Fox is infected so have to wait until I start frothing and then I have 72 hours, er but don't kill the dog, bring alive in secure basket!

So picture this scenario...

"Er hello Israeli soldier at check point, er yeah, it's a rabid dog and I am er taking it into 48"

Should I not be deported at this point for being a biological threat to the state of Israel, my next mission is to overcome Palestinian cultural aversion to dogs.

Shared taxi station post check point.

" Marhaba! er may I please put my dog in your vehicle? What's the matter with it?
Oh its' fine just a bit peaky, the froth, oh don't worry about that, its nothing, nothing!"

Only a further three Israeli check points to cross in shared taxi ferrying barking mad hound pardon the pun, whilst knowing all the while that I have hardly any time to get myself vaccinated before facing horrible death.

Mmmm interesting advice doctor.

Anyway Fox seems healthy and is gaining weight, as you can see!