Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Nabloosi leery pumpkin head!!

So it is Halloween and I am in Nablus, if I mention Halloween to anyone here, the most common response is, " oh like in America?"

And I say yes, like in America but different to America.

Of course Halloween is big in America, there everything is bigger.

But Halloween has for me specifically UK associations, a certain type of mysterious light at dusk, big orange spiders that suddenly hang in bushes and doorways. A certain sadness that winter is coming and the yearning for summer past, often a summer that never appeared.

Halloween in the UK is still seen as something sinful a bit naughty as well as being a commercial festival to encourage more punters to drink in bars on the 31st of October.

Halloween my favourite festival, mysterious and picaresque unlike the blatent in yer faceness of the Yule season.

So every Halloween I carve my pumpkin head and make my wishes for the new year commencing on the 1st of November and say farewell to the year just past.

The orangey glow inside the jack o lantern, the small flame like my embryonic excitement of things to come.

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