Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The street of the definite article

©Pennie Quinton 2011
©Pennie Quinton 2011

The street of the definite article

The strand.

The one two the iambic chaos

The rush through it, on it and under it

The busy busy

The buses the bridges the protests

The lawyers the law courts the justice,

The cafes, the authors

The Dickens, the Thackery the Makepeace

The temple inn

The no children

The Strand school for civil service gone,

The whirling doors on the King’s building

The Students, the must just read hard enough

The elect alumni, on the plate glass

The mini deities to become

The bus stop that never stops

The sun dial that never sees the sun,

The empty office blocks,

The man suits that always hurry

The black cabs

The cyclists

The lights

The waitings

The crossings

The coffee bars,

The Somerset house and my love my love

The river.

©Pennie Quinton 2011

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