Saturday, 23 January 2010

Road to Nablus from Sebastia and Al Bidan

On the road to Al Bidan is a rusting fair ground and a landed jet, the only Palestinian plane in the West bank.
A restauranteur set it up as an eatery in the hills, he was just ready to serve up when the Israelis established a check point next to his jet and so no one came for lunch, the jet and big wheel sit on the hillside alone amongst the dust and the rubbish near the now deserted check point.

The check point near the only Plane in Palestine.

The way back to Nablus from Sabastia.

Father and son out for a ride on this beautiful spring day.

I miss the light in Palestine the most I think, I love its intensity and how it makes thistles shine silvery purple in the midday sun.
I photographed so many thistles and other spikey plants...

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