Thursday, 28 January 2010


At the time of the Gaza shelling in December 2008, it was hard to deal with so much death and despair.
There seemed no appropriate way to express horror at the massacre without burdening people more so I found myself praying to cope with the horrific nature of the war and I was praying because I was so powerless.

She is here with her great and infinite beauty.

Only love can stop this pain and only in love can there be beauty.

Beauty lies within in all things and to grow needs love.

Practise pointing out beauty everyday for when heart broken and bitter it is hard to see beauty.

When searching for something misplaced or lost it is important to look thoroughly and carefully.

When carrying the burden of pain sometimes it seems nothing or no one can ease it

but ask for help and what is needed will come.

Do not look to the pain for answers

but look to the strength of the person bearing up under pain

and help them stay strong rather than dissolving with them in tears and sorrow,

Love plants, love trees and love to care for them, gardens are a symbol of love and need to be honoured.

Buildings should be gardens of stone places for hope to grow.

Deep pain such that over whelms must seek love to quell its flow

but beware of pain’s residue if left penetrates strength unnoticed.

Seek love and beauty no matter how hard it is to find.

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